A young Genevan audit company incorporated in 2004, FIDUSAP benefits from over 15 years practical experience of account auditing acquired by its founder Françoise Sapin with both medium-sized and large audit companies in the fields of industry, banking and commerce as well as service companies.

As a Swiss Certified Accountant and member of the Swiss Institute of Certified Accountants and Tax Consultants – the high-level body responsible for these professions in Switzerland - Françoise Sapin has been working for several years as a final examinations expert; she also has a masters degree as an expert in finance and controlling, and serves as an expert for the final examinations of this profession too.

Thanks to her experience, Françoise Sapin is perfectly familiar with the latest developments in the fields of finance and auditing and also in controlling and accountancy. On the strength of her training, she is also officially recognized as a “Particularly Qualified Auditor” within the meaning of the Ordinance of the Swiss Federal Council.

For FIDUSAP, financial management, controlling, treasury, establishment of budgets and business plans are all part of the regular activities for which the company can be retained because its founder has also served as the financial director of international companies.