Auditing annual account statements is a statutory requirement set down in the Swiss Code of Obligations. Despite the amendment to the law which is due to take effect on 1 January 2007, the audit will remain compulsory for many companies and certainly desirable for others.

Some controls require the skills of a “Particularly Qualified Auditor” within the meaning of the Ordinance of the Swiss Federal Council. We are listed in the Register of Commerce of Geneva Canton in that capacity and can act as such on the occasion of the special audits required by the law, in particular for contributions of assets in kind, share capital changes, restructuring or liquidation of limited companies.

We provide the following services:
puce Swiss statutory audit based on Art. 727 et seq of the Swiss Code of Obligations
puce Audit of consolidated accounts
puce Limited reviews
puce Audits of foundations and associations
puce Capital increases and reductions
puce Review of internal audit systems
puce Other mandates for audits and controls of all kinds
puce Internal audit
puce Information technology audit (IT audit is outsourced)