FIDUSAP is determined to provide you with a service of the finest quality, drawing on the best techniques available for auditing, account keeping and tax calculations, in compliance with the legal requirements and in a manner perfectly tailored to your specific needs.


We listen to your needs and work on the basis of constant ongoing cooperation with you, our clients, in order to satisfy all your expectations in full. FIDUSAP cooperates with several different service providers and is therefore able to offer you a wide range of solutions.


Our experience of auditing, consultancy, financial and accounting management, controlling, consolidation and taxation enables us to give you the benefit of a full range of different approaches; we respond to all your wishes.

  We deploy our in-depth knowledge of these techniques and statutory requirements in these different areas to optimize the management of your assets and companies; we maintain ongoing creativity in this field in order to satisfy your every need, going beyond the particular mission or mandate that you have entrusted to us.